Rolling Watering System- FREE SHIPPING

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Our custom built rolling watering system, solves a very simple yet overlooked problem. Most grow tents aren't located near a water source and of course water is kind of heavy :). Like many veteran growers, we like watering our plants manually to ensure proper soil/medium dampness.

Our American Made rolling watering system allows you to store 30 gallons of water which keeps your nutrients in suspension & your water aerated via an internal pump. This pump also connects to a wand for convenient watering of your plants. The icing on the cake is our in house custom build rolling base that allows you to easily push up to 30 gallons of water over almost any surface.

Built by the Black Dirt Skunk Works, our Rolling Watering System just works!

Includes, tank, nozzle, pump, nutrient mixer & rolling base.

Since this item is oversized we included shipping into the price hence the slightly higher price.