Peace Pipe Odor Removal - FREE SHIPPING

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The custom built Black Dirt Peace Pipe is a one of a kind solution to a very annoying problem: Growing stinks! No literally it smells, your whole house/apartment up to the point the people you live with may put the kabosh on your growing hobby. Well that can't happen right! That's where the Peace Pipe comes in. It's designed to take whatever smells that are left from the carbon filter and wash it with a custom blend of essential oils, so that the only thing that comes out the other end, is girlfriend approved goodness! The peace pipe also functions are a silencer so that if your growing on the D/L no one can hear the fan. 

The Peace Pipe was born out of necessity & our custom essential blend was field tested to ensure it's odor masking qualities. We all have tried Ona & similar solutions that work, but honestly smell like #$@% and can be absorbed into the plant. Our solution is much more subtile but masks the outflow of your duct fan so it targets the smell directly.  

Here is how it works:
So we bought freaking barrels of expensive essential oil so that we can make a custom blend that doesn't break the bank. Normally a half ounce of a similar blend costs $20 a pop, we include 16oz of oil with the Peace Pipe. This mixture is dumped into our oil scent dispenser, (which you attach to the ducting exiting your tent), which will give you months of odor elimination!

Includes (1) 16oz Black Magic Essential Oil Refill