2'x4' LED Grow Light - FREE Shipping

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The flagship of the Black Dirt product family & the last grow light you will ever have to buy!  We are one of the few companies actually building LED lights in the United States & the ONLY company offering LEDs for Life! 

Our lights are built to fit perfectly in a grow tent, so there are no hot spots, no weak points, every plant gets more than enough micro moles to grow to their fullest. Our lights took over 4 years of R&D & real world abuse to become a real product. Before we even launched over 300 iterations of our the HS320 were out in greenhouses, labs & private growers around the country. We have also consulted with many of the top plant scientists to ensure the science behind our lights hold water & truly grow some wicked awesome plants.

Our combination of red & full spectrum (white) chips allows for a very powerful light that still outputs enough green & blue light to ensure proper plant growth. You will find that our 320w light will grow pretty much anything you put under it, better, faster, more uniform & heathy than anything you have tried.

We are not a hedge fund backed start up with all brains and no real world experience. We aren't some Chinese based plastic fire hazard. We aren't outsiders, looking to jump on the big green wave. We are a group of friends with years of greenhouse/growing know-now that has a passion for creating a great product, that actually works. 

- FREE Shipping - Model HS320
- 2'x4' w/ 10' lead line from driver box.
- True 320w at the plug (800w HPS comparable.)
- Assembled & fabricated in the USA.
- We use the highest quality Meanwell drivers.
- We use the most efficient Bridgelux chips.
- Hybrid Spectrum (combo of red/white.)
- Super light weight easy to move in tent.
- External driver to keep suspended weight low.
- No fans, no noise.
- No tools needed, snap together 3 min assembly.
- 650 micro moles at 3'.
- Includes adjustable rope ratchets.

* LEDs for LIFE allows you to return each light array up to 2 times. We must receive the light array before shipping a new one.

Added Bonus
The first 500 Black Dirt customers will get a Black Dirt "Grow Smarter" Hat