4'x8' Tent + 2 Light Kit

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The team at Black Dirt has spent the better part of two years building the top of perfect top of the line, no-nonsense grow system. We tested all the competition, found their flaws & built our own custom system from the ground up. Our 13 component complete system was designed, prototyped & assembled in the "Black Dirt" region of the lower Hudson Valley in New York. Look at the competition their light footprint is often half or less of what ours is. All 32 square feet of grow space is evenly lit so you can grow plants using the entire tent's footprint, not just the center.

(2) - 2'x4' Black Dirt HS320 LED Light
The flagship of the Black Dirt product family & the last grow light you will ever have to buy!   Our 2 lights fits exactly in a 4'x8' tent so there are no hot spots, no weak points, every plant gets more than enough micro moles to grow some serious plants.  To read the full specs, click here.

(1) - 4'x8' Black Dirt Extra Tall Tent 
Our custom made grow tents come with super tall ceilings measuring a whopping 6'11'. They can be extended with our included riser kit bring the total height to an industry leading  7'11'It also allows you to double your plant size! 100% metal, NO breakable plastic with lockable corner fasteners that won't come undone. Our walls have the thickest 1680D reflective walls that are 9X stronger than most other bargain "Amazon" grow tents. This added thickness makes our walls impermeable to light, odor and sound, no to mention properly insulated for optimal temperature. Our tents also have easy view windows & a tool rack for holding your stuff. No other tents are so well thought out & compliment our flagship light's motto of, Grow Smarter! 

Carbon Filter

(1) - 6"x 20" Black Dirt Black Ops Carbon Filter
Highly effective, low density virgin carbon, with machine packed carbon that enables 100% filtered air flow. Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow. Includes changeable Velcro pre-filter. When you buy a Black Dirt Grow system you are also eligible to buy replacement filters at cost.

(1) - 6" Super Duper Quite Inline Fan + Fan Speed Controller

Extra quite, fully adjustable fan to vent your grow tent. Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz, CE Listed. Operating range: -20°C~60°C


(2) - 8' Black Duct w/ (2) Noice Reduction Clamp & (2) Heavy Duty Velcro Straps
Duct the exhaust air from your tent using Black Dirt's own black ducting. We recommend connecting your duct to the Black Dirt Peace Pipe or directly out of your house. We also include (2) Heavy Duty Straps to mount your filter & fan to the top of your tent.

Black Dirt Grow Bag

(10) 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Grow Bags
Add dirt, pebbles, or any grow medium you wish. We tried every possible hydroponic system & we went back to the basics, because it just worked best. Handles for easy removal/cleaning after a grow.

(2) - Tent Mounted Drying Racks
24" diameter tent mounted drying rack. When your done with your grow, just hang the rack in your tent to dry without worry about smell leaving your tent.

Black Dirt Tent Fan(2) -  Pole Fans
Two speeds, has a strong spring-loaded clip for mounting directly to the grow tent pole. Perfect for suppling your plants with enough air movement for proper growth. Power cord is 5' long, UL Rated.

Black Dirt Trellis Net

(2) - 4'x4' Tent Mounted Plant Trellis Net
Fits the Black Dirt tent perfectly. Ensures your plants have the proper support to grow without breaking or falling into each other.

8 Way Timer

(1) - 120V 8 Way Power Strip Timer
8 outlet surge protector. 4 outlets controlled by mechanical timer with 15 minute on/off increments. 5’ cord. 15 amp max load. 120V. UL approved. Our power strip timer offers a surge protector & can run up to 4 Black Dirt FS320 grow lights.

 (1) Black Dirt Peace Pipe

Our custom built inline duct silencer/odor masking solution is the perfect insurance plan from ensuring your grow doesn't stink up your house! We spent countless hours trying every possible solution for controlling the stink. Read more about how our cost effective solution will keep your grow smelling girlfriend/wife approved for months to come.



Tent Roller Base
Grow tents are large & unwieldy. We fixed that. The Black Dirt Skunk Works invented a very simple metal base that is paired with super duty casters, turning your tent into a mobile growing powerhouse.  Read more about how Black Dirt makes your tent mobile!