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3 Years of Testing

3 Years of Testing

Our American made LED light has be tested in both lab & real world conditions to ensure it really is the best light on the market. Our lights are designed to fit perfectly in grow tents, so no matter where your plant is located, they all get perfect lighting. Our LEDs produce a whopping 650 micromoles at 18" with just 320 watts. 

Furthermore, we are the only company offering LEDs for Life which extends you grow light's operational life, making it the last grow light you will ever need to purchase.

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The History of Black Dirt

The Black Dirt brand is named after the Black Dirt Region of the lower Hudson Valley, NY. We have both a large manufacturing facility and R&D Greenhouse with over 30,000 square feet of growing space to test our products & confirm their effectiveness.

We design all of our products right here in New York. Our light & custom accessories are also manufactured right here in the USA. Our engineers consult with many large name Universities to help stay on top of all the newest technologies & often debunk most of the fly by night trends in the growing industry.

Growing is a science, but it also requires you to get your hands dirty. Our team does both on a daily basis,  not just make sure our products work, but make your growing experience easier, faster, & all around smarter. Black Dirt, Grow Smarter.